Personal Details

Nationality: British
Date of Birth: 6 August 1963


Dr John Brazier (the founder of KORE Therapy system) is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine, an Oriental medicine practitioner (Thai & Japanese) and a specialist in Western Musculo-Skeletal systems. For the last 20 years he has studied with masters all over the world, and believes successful medicine is based on being able to diagnose & treat on all three mind, body & spirit levels. He has enhanced his physical medicine modalities by training in psychology with the likes of Paul McKenna. His outstanding therapy success around the world with chronic conditions and pain where others have failed, and his wealth of clinical, athletic and corporate experience has placed him firmly on the worlds experts' list of therapist, author, award winning training provider, event speaker and health & well-being advisor.

Education & Professional Accolades

  • Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing, China)
  • Oriental medicine practitioner(Tokyo, Japan, Chiang Mai & Bangkok Thailand)
  • MSc. Oriental Medicine (USA)
  • Numerous modern Western complementary medicine systems (UK)
  • Psychological & motivational enhancement
  • NLP & Hypnosis
  • Vice President Federation of Holistic Therapists
  • Principal of ‘The College of Oriental Body Balance’ (UK & Ireland)
  • Worldwide Speaker, Educator and Motivator
  • Director of ‘The Corporate Dr.’
  • 8th Dan Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor
  • EKC & SKU National Karate Champion
  • Health & Beauty Training Awards 2006: Overall winner
    ‘Outstanding Training Provider’. Winner of categories: Best Training Provider: ‘Complementary Therapies’ & ‘Sports, Health & Fitness’

What Makes John So Successful

With over 20 years of integrated medicine ‘Hands on’ experience in Chinese hospitals, International health resorts, with TCM professors, Qi Gung masters, Osteopaths and Physio’s working with premiership & international footballers, movie stars, lords & ladies, royalty and thousands of different conditions with the general public gives John the experience & expertise to quickly get to the heart or cause of each persons condition.

John can then choose the exact combination from his skill set of therapy to suit each patient precise requirements. He not only offers an wide variety of treatment modalities but his skill is ensuring each client gets exactly what they and their condition need for the fastest recovery including acupuncture, Tuina & deep organ massage, cupping therapy, cranial balancing, spinal alignment, energetic release and the psychological support to make a breakthrough.

His clinical research and success has proven that there is often just 3 key physical problems that lead to many imbalances & symptoms, simply corrected it means often recovery can be just 1 treatment away.

His ‘KORE Therapy’ uses a unique mixture of Western & Eastern medical diagnostic skills to assess musculo-skeletal balance, free & easy blood flow, correct organ function, energy flow and neurological function.

John’s success in championship martial arts, all round sports achievements and respected 8 black belts from Grand Master Hatsumi have led him to achieve some outstanding athletic recoveries on clients whose careers had been classed as ‘over’!

Professional Experience

John delivers one of the most successful integrated medicine systems in the world, the list below has been achieved often on the most difficult of patient cases where the usual Dr. Physio Chiropractor treatment approach has failed. By understanding that all conditions are a combination of bone misalignment, nerve inflammation, digestive imbalance and emotional irritation John has seen outstanding recovery’s and improvements:

  • Athletic Performance Enhancement – Dynamic muscular power up & injury recovery by removing neurological issues that weaken and imbalance us.
  • IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis – By removing the spinal imbalance that leads to nerve inflammation, correct any digestive tissue restrictions, enhance blood flow and check for food intolerances.
  • Accelerated injury recovery – expertise in chronic back, hamstring, sciatica & knee issues
  • Depression – Emotional imbalance often comes from physical weakness, pelvic & digestive imbalance, correcting the body and enhancing muscle strength with positive metal exercises often causes an instant emotional lift.
  • ME (Chronic fatigue) & MS (Multiple Sclerosis) – Kidney weakness (organ, meridian or spinal imbalance), digestive weakness (organ, meridian or/& food intolerance) & neck jam (irritation and compression of nerves and blood flow)

In most cases John expects a significant recovery in no longer than 6 treatments, often just 1 treatment shows what can be achieved!

Company Collaboration

National & International football teams – Athletic associations – British Aerospace - Police Federation – Chamber of Commerce – Golf professionals – Government councils – Thai Spa association – The Fiat Group – Lancashire Ambulance Service – Salford University – Federation of Holistic Therapists – Chiva Som Int. Health Resort

Specialist Education Provider

Spa Wellness – Providing spas with the ability to focus on condition correction to open up new markets & increase revenue streams

Musculo-Skeletal Screening – Providing gyms with the ability to screen & treat members, raising new revenue while linking the gym-spa

KORE Consultants – helping individual therapists become outstanding successful & famous consultants in their own right.

Lecturer at:

  • 2010 Asia Pacific Spa & Wellness Convention – Holistic Health Exhibition
  • 2009 The Back Show, London – Leisure Industry Week, Birmingham – Spinal Diagnosis, York
    Professional Spa Show, London – Chiva Som Int. Health Resort – Kent & Lancashire Police
    Health & Wellbeing at Work, Birmingham
  • 2008 Chiva Som Int. Health Resort – CAM, London – Professional Spa Show, London
    Spinal Diagnosis, Peterborough – Professional Beauty, Manchester
    Sports conference, Leicester University – Cupping Therapy, Edinburgh
  • 2007 Chiva Som Int. Health Resort Thailand – Fit 4 Life conference Leeds Uni
    Food Testing Seminar, Sheffield – Sports Conference, Birmingham University
    Anmo Fu Seminar London - Holistic Health Show, Donington
  • 2006 British Spa Conference, Malta - SpaPro Asia, Taiwan
    InterContinental Hotel Hong Kong - Spa Asia Wellness Summit, Thailand
    British Reflexology Association Birmingham – The Beauty Show, Edinburgh
    Health & Beauty Training Show, London - Sports Conference, Loughborough University.
    Healing Arts International Festival, Dublin

John’s natural experience, knowledge, charisma and humour make him an outstandingly successful therapist, an excellent teacher and motivator. He has treated, taught, guided and motivated people all over the world in business, martial arts and, of course, medicine.

If you always do, what you always did, you will always get, what you always got!

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